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Education is changing, and so is your customer.

Traction Rec is the CRM-powered solution for Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning.

Continuing Education

Workforce Development

Professional Education

Lifelong Learning

Your learner is different. We recognize that. 

Your customer does not fit the traditional academic mold, nor does your technology.


Traction Rec for Education is the solution that connects your Continuing Education Learners and your Workforce Development Partners with curated course offerings by understanding, personalizing, and capitalizing on all your stakeholder relationships.

A technology that delivers on your needs

It's flexible

Whether launching a career, building executive leadership skills, or topping up with micro credentials, your customer's learning experiences need to be flexible and relevant. There's no more semester. Expand your offerings with an easy-to-use program builder and course publisher so you can quickly meet customer demand.

It's easy

Your customers expect an individualized, and seamless experience  - easy to browse, register and learn. Make registration simple whether it’s an industry partnership, certificate learner, or first time customer. That means customers can register anytime, anywhere, and on any device. 


It's insightful

If you’re running a multifaceted professional learning business you need data at your fingertips. Real time insights into registration transactions, corporate opportunities and customer records are all critical to being competitive. Reports, dashboards and intelligent recommendations are ready to use for confident decision making. 

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Market to prospective Learners and track them through browsing, interest and registration.


Delightful, mobile friendly experience to register, and manage their account. 


Integrate learning experiences to LMS or credential platforms through industry leading open APIs.


One time, payment schedules or even subscription billings easily made by Learners and Employers.





Keep Learners engaged while managing micro-credentials to the completion of a certification.

Use custom workflows to automate manual business processes and do more with less.

Manage your corporate and industry customers sales cycles all in same place.

Real time dashboards with out of the box operational reporting for actionable data insights.

Successful Meeting

Built on Salesforce,
the world's leading cloud platform


Tap into the power of the world’s #1 CRM and Cloud platform, Salesforce. With over $4B invested annually into R&D, you don’t need to worry about out growing your technology.


Enterprise platform scalability, security, user configurable applications and PCI DSS payment processing compliance gives you a trusted infrastructure and peace of mind.  


With Salesforce, you get so much more than a technology platform. You join a community of 2.3M online trailblazers at over 150,000 organizations with an AppExchange that provides prebuilt integrations to 4,000 add-on options.


Built to build communities

Traction Rec has been supporting community centers to deliver their programming, facility booking, billing and payments, financials, fundraising and business operations for almost a decade.

Our deep proficiency on the Salesforce platform - along with our drive to deliver a best-in-class customer experience - provides the expertise needed to support the evolving and changing landscape of Lifelong Learning.


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