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Your student is different. Your tools need to be too.


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Give learners the e-commerce experience they expect: a delightful, mobile friendly & frictionless experience

Mobile Friendly
Responsive technology provides "A3 virtual access": anywhere, anytime, any device or operating system 

Registration Administration
Assess and assign registrants to groups (classrooms, Corporate groups, etc.) with mass check-in/check-out, attendance, incident reporting and tracking

Control Eligibility
Manage course capacity through robust reservation policies such as regular, overbooking, or waitlists with optional prerequisite rules



Cash flow is always critical. Your offerings may be complex, but getting paid should be the easy part

Payment Management
PCI compliant integrated payment processing with learner managed options of CC’s, ACH or account credits

Forecast revenues via reports and dashboards and get immediate visibility with a fully integrated subledger

Flexible Pricing
Cater to learners, alumni and corporate partner with configurable discounts and promo pricing

Billing Options
Provide the flexibility of payment splitting, third party billing and payment arrangements while utilizing customized GAAP revenue recognition models

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Real time dashboards with out of the box operational reporting for actionable data insights

Real-time Insights 
Gain instant visibility, empowering agile decision-making with up-to-the-minute sales data for enhanced responsiveness and adaptability

Real-time Data Visualization
Engage users with visually intuitive charts, simplifying complex data for quick comprehension, ensuring informed actions and strategic clarity

Drag-and-Drop Customization
Tailor reports and dashboards to user specifics, enhancing efficiency and providing a personalized experience, focused on relevant metrics



Integrate learning experiences to LMS or credential platforms through industry leading open APIs

Seamless Data Synchronization
Salesforce's robust API infrastructure allow for extensive integration capabilities 

Centralized Learning Experience
Provide learners a user-friendly hub for accessing courses and resources from one place

Automated Course Enrollment and Reporting
Keep course and enrollment information synchronized across the LMS and SIS for better collaboration and reporting

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Market to prospective Learners and track them through browse and registration



Save time with automated workflows for follow-ups and drip campaigns to nurture leads



Integrate CRM data for a tailored and targeted customer communication experience



Consistent branding using customizable templates and dynamic merge fields for personalized messages



Monitor email performance with tracking and analytics, gain insights to optimize marketing strategies



Keep Learners engaged while managing micro-credentials to the completion of a certification

Learner Journey
Personalized learning pathways showing relevant courses needed to complete certification

Automated tracking
Track and store student information: learner progress (eg. certificates), completion (eg. badges), and achievement (eg. Hours, CEU’s)

Integrate with digital badging (Credly or Accredible) to quickly and easily design and issue Digital Badges

Social Sharing
Harness your learners’ social platforms as they share their badge accomplishments with employers and friends

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Why do the heavy lifting when your software can do it for you? 

Workflow Automation
Salesforce allows you to automate repetitive manual tasks and actions based on predefined triggers and criteria

Process Builder
Easily create complex automated workflows using a simple drag-and-drop interface for efficient process management

Approval Processes
Automate approval workflows with customizable criteria, ensuring consistent and streamlined decision-making across your organization



Manage all aspects of your Corporate Partnerships in one place

Lead & Opportunity Management
Track sales opportunities through pipeline stages to gain insight on revenue projections and facilitate strategic decision making

Account & Contact Management
Manage all Accounts, Contacts and Activities to streamline customer communication and ensure proper follow-up

Corporate Registration
Allow for bulk registrations and purchase with special pricing/discounts by course, role, program or company

Corporate Partners
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Student Portal

Give your staff back time while students can get their own quick answers


Drop/transfers requests, unsigned waivers and self-registration for your students allows you to minimize staff time

Program Planning

Give learners a view to their current schedules and required courses still needed for certification


Access all account and financial information while viewing historical and upcoming transactions

Student Portal

Youth Camps

Manage the complexity and liability while super-serving the next generation of learners

Risk Mitigation

Efficiently check-in/out and while capturing and updating key information like authorized pickups, medical/special needs and communication preferences


Family accounts that support parent registering a child, combined financials for the family and ways to handle multiple emergency contacts and divorced families


See all camps in a single database or drill into all interactions, transactions and registrations in a unified view at the Contact and Household level 

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Youth Camps
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It's all about Trust 


Control security access to features, objects and individual fields with highly configurable Profiles, Permissions and Field Level Security


Configure your authentication via single sign-on (SSO) or identity management (IDM) system. And for an added layer of security, a method of multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required


SOC 2 compliance, robust access controls, data encryption, network monitoring, incident response protocols, vulnerability assessments, and audits to ensure the protection, confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and systems

It's Salesforce

the world’s leading CRM platform is all about Trust:


A technology that delivers on your needs

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